Top tips for financing your boat in 2017

Getting the facts straight Here are some facts about boat loans that you may want to consider: The operating profit of marine equipment was 8.2 percent, with a total income of over $1,700 for retailers (and growing). If you opt for a commercial charter boat, you will pay 80...
Posted On 21 Apr 2017

These Traders Will Lend You Money for the Boat of Your Dreams

Blue Elephant Capital Management, the investment firm founded by ex-Nomura Holdings Inc. traders to snap up loans created through online marketplaces, is expanding into new waters: financing used boats. The firm has promised to provide $25 million of capital to Boat Finance LLC,...
Posted On 21 Apr 2017

What Are Current Auto Loan Rates?

It has been all over the news, interest rates are going up. But what does that mean for car shoppers? Do you need to look at less expensive cars, or run out and buy one today to avoid the rise? Truth is, there’s no need to panic. Though it appears that rates are on an upward...