Why a 10 year Consumer Mortgage Might Be In Your Future

Is a  10-Year Mortgage in Your Future? In what could portend a growing trend in coming years, the 10-year mortgage loan has emerged as the mortgage of choice for an increasing number of consumers. Why the sudden interest in the shortest of fixed mortgages? It may be time to take...

Mortgage Protection Insurance: A great investment or a bust?

Life couldn’t be greater. Your significant other recently landed a high-paying job. And in a few weeks, you’ll be closing on your dream home. Fast forward a few years and along comes the kids, car payments, student loans, maxed out credit cards and a host of other expenses....

Don’t Refinance Student Debt if You Need Income-Based Repayment

If you hold student loan debt, you may have received offers to refinance your debt with a private lender with the opportunity to lower your interest payments. If you’re carrying loans of $25,000 to $30,000 or more and juggling half a dozen loans with various rates, terms and...